Critical Link Customizable CPU Platform Collects, Processes and Delivers Data at Processor Speeds up to 1.2 GHz

Critical Link, LLC, a Syracuse, NY-based electronics development consulting firm, today announced a high-speed, high-end processing edition of its customizable CPU platform, the MityDSP®. This latest member of the MityDSP family -- the MityDSP-Pro® -- collects, processes and delivers data at CPU speeds up to 1.2 GHz. A Texas Instruments Incorporated's (TI) TMS320C6455 DSP embedded in the MityDSP-Pro enables five to six times the processing power of the original MityDSP platform. The MityDSP-Pro has been designed specifically for the most data and processing-intensive applications, including embedded radar control and signal processing, high data rate real-time data acquisition, image processing, video, and fine-tolerance manufacturing test and control.

The standard MityDSP-Pro tightly integrates the TI C6455 DSP up to 1.2 GHz with a Xilinx XC3S2000 Spartan 3 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), FLASH and DDR2 SDRAM memory subsystems and includes support for four 1x Serial Rapid I/O links. Both the DSP and the FPGA are capable of loading/executing programs and logic images developed by end users. As an option, MityDSP-Pro is also available with the TI TMS320C6454 processor which supports CPU clock speeds up to 1 GHz. In addition, the module is available with a larger FPGA (up to Spartan 4000 series).

“The MityDSP platform is designed to save customers time and money without sacrificing on quality or performance,” said Tom Catalino, Vice President of Critical Link. “Our approach enables a project to begin with 80% of the work complete by making use of an off-the-shelf CPU module coupled with pre-existing interface designs that are quickly combined together in the specific combination required for the custom application, providing a fully customized solution without the cost or schedule of ground-up design.”

The available interfaces – all field-proven – include analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog, Ethernet and GPIO.

Critical Link will demonstrate the MityDSP-Pro in booth #119 at the TI Developer Conference 2008 in Dallas February 26-28.

In a typical implementation, Critical Link engineers work with their customers to create a production-ready I/O interface card to carry and customize the system interfaces driven by the MityDSP-Pro. The cost of the MityDSP-Pro is dependent on volume and the version chosen. In quantities of 100, each MityDSP-Pro standard version module is priced at $1,295. The MityDSP-Pro module is available in production quantities.


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