Ceramic-Substrate SMT LEDs

Lumex is introducing its KoolBrite™ family of surface-mount LEDs.  These devices have been specifically engineered to meet the toughest thermal dissipating demands.  They utilize Lumex's specially-formulated ceramic substrate material, a unique epoxy lens, and a manufacturing process that can cast the lens directly onto the ceramic substrate.  The result is a family of surface-mount LEDs capable of withstanding even old-fashioned wave soldering, while providing a useable operating life of 50,000+ hours with no loss in light output levels.  KoolBrite™ LEDs virtually eliminate failures due to thermal junction deterioration.

These LEDs are ideal for applications including illumination or indication on PC boards, annunciator and control panels, telecom switches and central office equipment, medical equipment, or anywhere a surface mount LED with exceptional heat characteristics is needed.

Koolbrite™ LEDs are available in two families:  Single Chip and Dual Chip.  All are lead-free.

The Single Chip family uses state-of-the-art chip chemistries to deliver emitted colors including amber, green, red, yellow, and blue.  Intensities range from 30 to 70 mcd at If = 20mA with a very wide viewing angle of 180˚.

The Dual Chip family includes devices with bi-color output.  Product choices include red/green, red/yellow, and yellow/green.  Intensities range from 4 to 12 mcd at If = 20mA with a very wide viewing angle of 180˚.

The exceptional heat characteristics of these LEDs are documented through many tests which include the ability to withstand the 280˚ - 320˚C temperature of a 20W soldering iron for 5 seconds, and a solder dip of 240˚ - 260˚C for 10 seconds.

KoolBrite™ LEDs are available on 8mm tape-and-reel.  In addition to the standard devices, application-specific LEDs can be ordered with options including a choice of colors and lens finishes, or IR emitters and sensors.

Samples of the standard-version devices are available from stock, with production quantities in 8 - 10 weeks.  Pricing varies depending on model specified and quantities ordered, and is approximately $0.25 each in quantities of 3,000.


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