Cellergy to Speak at 2nd Israeli Power Sources, Batteries, Fuel-Cells & EV Conference

2nd Israeli Power Sources, Batteries, Fuel-Cells & EV Conference .

Supercapacitors for pulse applications based on printing technology.

Cellergy develops and manufactures supercapacitors (SCs) for pulse applications. In recent years there has been a growing demand for very compact battery operated portable devices that need more power for operation and data transmission. In many electronic devices, which use primary batteries, driving high currents is limited due to the limited power density of batteries. Often, when a battery should supply high power at short time the voltage drop may be too large, causing performance failure, reduced operational life, or even premature battery failures. Adding supercapacitors of low internal resistance (ESR) type in parallel with the source battery can help supply power during these pulses, especially at low temperatures. The patented printing technology developed by Cellergy enables automatic construction of supercapacitors that are manufactured in large wafers that are cut into final dimensions. Automatic manufacturing line was developed and built by Cellergy, reducing human resources needed for this stage of fabrication, and making supercapacitors more affordable for new applications, were the high price of supercapacitors is a limit. The basis of the technology is a printable electrode paste, printed on an electrically conductive film (the current collector) or on the separator alternately. Repeating this process of printing and assembly, creates a multi-layered capacitor, enables tailoring of the product to the required voltage. The innovative printing technology allows the production of highly uniform EDLC’s in varied dimensions and shapes. Cellergy produces the smallest footprint (12x12.5 mm) pulse supercapacitor on today's market, enabling to incorporate the supercapacitors also in space-limited designs. Lastly Cellergy launched two new product series: one having lower leakage current and the other with increased capacitance. Many supercapacitors for pulse applications are usually approved for manual soldering only. Recently wave soldering of Cellergy's supercapacitors was approved.


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