C&D Technologies VR Solar® Product Selected for Demand Response Application

C&D Technologies, Inc. a leading global producer of complete, integrated standby power systems, today announced that the VR Solar® (VRS) product line, a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery has been chosen for a demand response application in New York City.

Glenwood Management’s Barclay Tower in New York City is using an energy storage solution provided by Demand Energy Networks, Inc. The solution, which incorporates the C&D VR Solar® battery, permits compliance to demand response requirements while providing Barclay Tower with normal operational functionality.

“The solution provided by Demand Energy, utilizing C&D Technologies’ VR Solar batteries, recharges during lower-cost off-peak hours while providing power during peak hours. The solution allows for efficient use of the available grid while providing the end-customer with desired building performance that meets demand response guidelines,” commented Scott Kleinle, C&D Technologies CMO & Vice President of Global Product Management.

The VR Solar® product employs a proprietary grid alloy for reduced gas emissions and ease of recycling. The battery features absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance.

This new product utilizes the industry leading C&D TRUE Front Access® design, while incorporating C&D’s DCS cycle technology to optimize footprint, performance, reliability and ease of maintenance in a cost-effective module that can address the current and emerging needs of the renewable energy market. The VR Solar® product utilizes C&D's field proven DCS cycle technology and robust plates to ensure an extended cycle life resulting in dependable performance in this demanding application.

C&D Technologies, Inc. provides solutions and services for the switchgear and control (Utility), telecommunications, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS applications). C&D Technologies’ engineers, manufactures, sells and services fully integrated reserve power systems for regulating and monitoring power flow and providing backup power in the event of primary power loss until the primary source can be restored. C&D Technologies' unique ability to offer complete systems, designed and produced to high technical standards, sets it apart from its competition. C&D Technologies is headquartered in Blue Bell, PA.

Demand Energy Networks, Inc. is an energy solutions company based in Liberty Lake, Washington. The company is led by a team of seasoned telecommunications and utility industry veterans with experience growing mature companies to great success, and bringing start-ups to fast growth and beyond. Founded in 2008 with several patents pending, Demand Energy provides technology to energy providers that allow them to manage and deliver electricity to a degree never before possible.

C&D®, TRUE Front Access® and VR Solar® are registered trademarks of C&D Technologies, Inc.


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