C&D Technologies Introduces The Liberty® MSE 2Volt VRLA Product Line.

C&D Technologies, Inc. a leading global producer and marketer of complete, integrated standby power systems, today announced the release of the Liberty® MSE product line, a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery that offers the market leading MSE technology incorporated into a new, global product form factor.

This product features the latest battery technology in a space efficient, cost effective package with capacities from 800 to 1600 ampere-hours. This new product utilizes C&D's field proven, MSE low float current technology to ensure long service life and resulting dependable performance.

Not only does this product offer MSE technology in a smaller cell size form factor, it also offers a lower cost alternative to our energy efficient, market leading msEndur® II product while still providing long life and reliability. This latest battery technology targets global markets that are searching for a cost effective valve regulated lead acid battery line that can be used in telecommunications, long duration UPS and energy & infrastructure applications.

This new product utilizes C&D's unique MSE battery technology for optimizing footprint, performance, reliability and ease of maintenance in a low cost module that can address the current and emerging needs of the current market. Its form factor allows Liberty® MSE to directly replace competitive products while reducing the required site footprint.


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