Amprobe DM-II Plus Power Quality Recorder, a Complete PQ Analysis System

Amprobe Test Tools introduces the DM-II Plus Power Quality Recorder, a unique kit with PC download capabilities that records a broad spectrum of power quality parameters. The kit includes the power recorder, three current transducers, and four cables and alligator clips housed in a rugged carrying case.

The DM-II Plus can measure harmonics, voltage anomalies (sags and surges) and offers ample data storage memory and a large, easy-to-read display. Readings and charts can be viewed on the recorder's LCD screen or downloaded to a PC using Microsoft Windows-compatible software that is included in the kit.

The recorder measures AC current up to 1000A with standard current transducers or up to 3000A with optional flexible current transducers; AC voltage; active, reactive and apparent power; energy; peak demand; and power factor. All measurements are True RMS. It works with single and three phase systems (Y and delta) and can record all parameters simultaneously. The recorder has 22 hours of battery life or can run on an external 12VDC power supply.

The DM-II Plus Power Quality Recorder comes complete with an external 12VDC power supply, three 1000A current transducers, four cables and alligators for voltage measurement, a serial cable and a software CD with Amprobe's unique Download Suite software that supports the company's entire range of products with download capabilities


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