48% Reduced Volume Compared to Our Previous Product Automotive High-speed Differential Transmission Connector "MX48 Series" Has Been Developed

Along with the electro-mechanical advances taking place in cars, the number of parts used is increasing and there is a demand for more compact electrical units. At the same time, the use of displays is growing due to DVD watching in the back seat, safety checks using a rear monitor, and LCD type instrument panels.

And as the displays become larger and high-definition the signal used is shifting from analog to digital high-speed differential transmission, which can transmit large amounts of data more efficiently. To meet these demands, JAE has developed the MX48 Series connector for automotive high-speed differential transmission.

The MX48 Series is minimized in depth, height, and width compared to our previous product and achieves a 48% reduction in volume. It is also compatible with GVIF and LVDS transmission, which are ideal for the transmission of video signals in cars.

  • Achieves a 48% reduction in volume compared to our previous product.
  • 2.0mm side pitch, 2-position signal lines.
  • Compatible with GVIF and LVDS transmission.
  • Impedance matching design, compatible with high-speed transmission.
  • Mechanical lock and twist-resistant structure for mated connector.
  • Dual-shield structure with ground terminals for EMI control.
  • Available as a completed harness to ensure transmission performance reliability.


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