Wurth Elektronik ICS Introduces a New Power Element for SMD Assembly

Würth Elektronik ICS introduces a new current supply element (power element) that was developed especially for the assembly of printed circuit boards in SMD technology. PowerPlus SMD can be used everywhere that press-fit technology or through-hole technology (THT) cannot viably be used. With the PowerPlus SMD, which can supply a current of up to 344 amps, Würth Elektronik ICS completes its range of current supply elements.

The new PowerPlus SMD are of interest to all companies that assemble printed circuit boards in SMD technology and run high currents over the printed circuit boards. If press fit technology cannot be integrated, or only at great expense, the new power supply element offers an excellent alternative. It is suitable for wave solder-ing as well as vapour phase soldering.

PowerPlus SMD is available in six versions from M4 to M12. The largest element, M12, can supply currents of up to 344 amps, with a cable cross section of 120 mm². In addition, it offers a maximum torque of 21.0 Nm for connection technology.

The possible applications for the PowerPlus SMD are numerous. In addition to supplying high currents, it is suitable for connecting components like mega-fuses, or for mechanically connecting printed circuit boards. Of course, the power supply element complies with RoHs and REACH guidelines.


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