Wolfson Introduces Its Loudest, Smallest Audio Hub Yet

Wolfson Microelectronics plc has today announced the WM1811, its loudest, smallest Audio Hub yet. This new ultra-low power stereo audio hub is designed to deliver extended battery life and enriched audio quality. The WM1811 is targeted at MP3 music and video playback in smartphones and other portable devices rich in multimedia features, such as tablet PCs, eBook readers and media players.

Delivering 100dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) during DAC playback, the WM1811 provides loud and clear voice calls as well as rich audio playback for music and video. Utilising the optimised power consumption and performance of the WM1811's 2W stereo Class D speaker and high output power headphone drivers, allows manufacturers to create fantastic-sounding high definition audio user experiences with long battery life. With its small size and fully integrated design, the WM1811 requires fewer components than the discrete solution, offering a smaller PCB footprint and a reduced bill of materials cost for the manufacturer.

The WM1811's integrated stereo Class D speaker driver and Class W headphone driver minimises power consumption and maximises volume during audio playback. Its stereo full-duplex asynchronous sample rate conversion and multi-channel digital mixing, combined with powerful analogue mixing, allow the WM1811 to support a huge range of different architectures and use cases.

Its integrated Wolfson ReTune™ programmable parametric equaliser provides speaker compensation in the digital playback paths. In addition, the dynamic range controller can be used in record or playback paths for maintaining a constant signal level, maximising loudness and protecting speakers against overloading and clipping.

Duncan Macadie, Product Line Manager for Audio Hubs at Wolfson Microelectronics, said: "The WM1811 provides outstanding audio performance and ultra-low power consumption, combined with a low bill of materials, enabling our customers to deliver enhanced user experiences in current and future smartphone, tablet and other hand held platforms. Designing with the WM1811 allows consumer electronics manufacturers to use audio performance and battery life to differentiate their end product in the marketplace."


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