Ultra Wide 8:1 Input Range DC/DC Converters - AHW Series

Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. of Concord, California introduces the dual output AHW series of DC/DC converters. The AHW features an unprecented continuous input range of 9VDC to 75VDC. The AHW is isolated input to output and provides a regulated +/-5, +/-12 and +/-15VDC output at +/-400mA, +/-167mA and +/-133mA. All models will fully regulated down to a no-load condition. The input to output isolation voltage is 1544VDC. The AHW provides a unique solution for those requiring an ultra wide input range allowing the converters to be used in a variety of applications from mobile electronics to telecommunication.

The AHW series provides a number of features in addition to the 8:1 input range. All models have a -55C to +100C operating temperature range and are specified over the full temperature range. The design ulitizes planar magnetics and provides an all ceramic solution for long term reliability. The open frame construction, unique for units in this wattage range, can withstand extremely aggressive solvents and cleaning cycles applied during customer's manufacturing process. All models feature ON/OFF and TRIM. The TRIM range is -20 to +10%.

The AHW dimensions are 1.22" x 0.78" x 0.28"H. The converters are designed utilizing solder ball pins for surface mount installation. Once installed, enough space is provide under the converter to allow for PCB population directly underneath the DC/DC converter. As with all Calex products, the AHW is backed by Calex's Five Year Warranty. Units are available from stock to eight weeks. Contact the factory for pricing. For more information, go to http://www.calex.com/pdf/ahw.pdf or contact Calex Mfg. at 800-542-3355 / 925-687-4411. The Calex corporate address is 2401 Stanwell Drive, Concord, California 94520 USA. Calex has manufacturing facilities in both Concord California and Tijuana Mexico.


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