Silex Releases the SX-3000EDM, an Embedded Module to Connect and Share Practically Any USB Device on a Network

Silex Technology America, Inc., a global leader in wired and wireless networking solutions, today announced the release and availability of the Silex SX-3000EDM, a compact embedded Gigabit Ethernet to USB Device Server Module that makes it very simple for device manufacturers to add networking capabilities to virtually any USB device.

This capability is made possible by Silex’s SX-Virtual Link USB over IP software. The software emulates a direct USB port connection on Windows or Macintosh systems and transfers the packets out over the network using TCP/IP to the USB device connected to the SX-3000EDM. This method ensures full compatibility with the USB device driver and software applications, which means no new software development is necessary to enable the device to be networked.

  • Easily embed Silex “SX-Virtual Link” (USB over IP) technology inside  a USB device
  • Connect any USB device to a Gigabit Ethernet network
  • Allows all functions of USB device (ie: printer, scanner, fax, storage or any other function that normally works over a direct USB connection) to be connected and shared on the network
“We have been evolving our USB device networking technology for more than 7 years now, and our Silex SX-Virtual Link software has proven itself by enabling millions of devices in the field,” said David Smith, President of Silex Technology America. “We wanted to provide a way for hardware manufacturers to easily take advantage of this effective, stable technology by embedding SX-3000EDM right into their product.”

Silex also offers a SDK which allows custom Windows and Macintosh applications to be created for discovering and connecting to USB devices across the network.

For proof of concept and to test the software functionality immediately Silex offers the SX-3000GB USB-to-Gigabit Device Server, which has similar functionality in an external box form factor.


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