Range of Male Headers SLV W *** with Grid Spacing 1.27 mm Extended

To meet the ever growing demand for plug-and-socket connectors with a grid spacing of 1.27mm, Fischer Elektronik has launched three more variants of the SLV W series. The single row version SLV W 11 and the double-row version SLV W 22 both have a longer soldering pin than the existing SLV W male headers. The soldering end is 5 mm in length, which makes them suitable for use in PCBs, which have a thicker cross section.

These male headers are available with 1 - 36 poles for the single-row version and with 4 - 72 for the double-row version. The contacts are available with a gold or tin (pure tin) surface in three different lengths. The insulating body continues to consist of a plastic material which is resistant to high temperatures (flammability class: UL94 V-0), which makes the connector suitable for lead-free reflow soldering processes.

Current product data sheets and samples are available. For enquiries and further details, please contact the Fischer Elektronik product specialists. They will be pleased to give you any advice you may require.


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