Programmable Encoder Offers Simplicity and Convenience

BEI Industrial Encoders introduces the Omnicoder®, an incremental encoder that allows users to easily program the resolution anywhere between 1 and 10,000 counts per turn.  Packaged in BEI’s flagship Model H25® encoder, the Omnicoder allows for virtually unlimited resolution variations.

Users can produce a wide range of resolutions from one encoder and it can be reprogrammed as needed to change the resolution.  The Omnicoder programs over its existing M18 connector.  Using an M18-to-USB programming cable, simply plug the Omnicoder directly into any PC.  The programming software automatically detects the Omnicoder, then you simply type in the desired resolution, click the “Program” button and you’re done.  It’s that simple.

Equipment can often have many encoders with various resolutions providing feedback to the control system.  Omnicoder units can be kept on the shelf and programmed as needed. Users simply program an Omnicoder for the appropriate resolution and equipment is up and running in no time.  This not only reduces machine downtime, but saves on inventory costs as well.


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