Precision planar resistor family rated up to 40kV

TT electronics Welwyn Components has extended its portfolio of precision resistors with a range of high-voltage planar resistors rated from 5 to 40kV in air. Offering nominal values from 1K0 to 40G, the new PHVP family is available in precision grades to 0.05%, with temperature coefficients as low as 10ppm/C. The non-inductive, non-magnetic design delivers voltage coefficients down to -0.05ppm/V.

Construction of the resistors ensures RoHS compliance as well as high accuracy. Termination conductors and ruthenium oxide resistive material are printed in a non-inductive pattern on a 96% alumina substrate, and the resistors also feature screen printed protection with tin-coated copper termination wires.

Availability in a choice of axial or radial configuration provides wide applicability including precision power supplies for electron microscopes, X-ray equipment, geophysical probes, semiconductor processing and particle accelerators. The PHVP family is also ideally suited to high-voltage industrial power supplies, for example in electrostatic spraying, powder coating, e-beam welding and insulation test equipment.

Where applications are not covered by the standard range, a custom design service is available. Further options include surface mount variants and gold-bondable pads.

The new precision resistors are available immediately and Welwyn can also advise on competitor equivalent parts for which the PHVP series offers direct drop-in replacement alternatives.


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