Nexans Research Centre Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation in Lyon, France

Nexans was founded in 2000 and immediately afterwards decided to create a more collaborative and co-coordinated approach to manage Research and Development (R&D) across the organisation in order for it to become and maintain its stance as  one of the world’s most innovative cable engineering organisation.

The first Nexans Research Center (NRC) opened in Lyon in 2002.  Another three Research Centers were created since then in Nuremberg (Germany), Lens (France), and Jincheon (Korea). These four NRC work closely, through development networks, with pilots units where prototypes are further developed, manufactured and qualified. Overall, a team of over 600 Nexans researchers, engineers and technicians bring to market, on average, two new products a week.

NRC Lyon is the key R&D center for developing high-performance materials, breakthrough technologies and new methodologies to design superior products fulfilling the most sophisticated customer requirements. A team of fifty highly qualified scientists works in Lyon to address present and future customer needs.


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