New VN1600 Product Lineup for CAN and LIN Replaces the CANcaseXL USB Interface

Four new devices are replacing the practice-proven CANcaseXL. Depending on the device, they offer – along with numerous functions such as CAPL-on-Board, acceleration of flash programming, K-Line and IO – more channels and smaller form factors.

While the focus in developing the VN1610 with 2 CAN channels was on a small package size and weight, the VN1630 with 4 channels (CAN and LIN) was optimized for flexibility and IO support. Following shortly are the VN1640 with four interchangeable transceivers and the small VN1611 LIN/CAN Network Interface.

All devices are powered exclusively over USB and offer full electrical isolation between all channels and to the PC to avoid high currents in ground loops.

Of course, all devices will be seamlessly integrated in Vector tools such as CANoe, CANalyzer and CANape, and the XL Driver Library is supported in existing customer applications without modifications.


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