New Power Line Interface Support Available for DigiTrace® NGC-30

Tyco Thermal Controls, a part of Tyco International and the global heat-tracing solutions leader, announces the integration of Power Line Carrier Interface (PLI) Technology into its DigiTrace NGC-30 Heat-Trace Control and Monitoring Systems. The PLI Technology will allow RTD temperature information to be transmitted through the heat-tracing cable and power distribution wiring, eliminating the need for separate RTD wiring. This technology will significantly reduce time and labor costs to install the heat-tracing system in the field.

Power Line Interface (PLI) Technology utilizes the electric heat-tracing cable as a data cable, thereby eliminating the need to install additional RTD wiring to collect pipe temperature or electrical continuity data. The PLI technology allows for temperature information collected from DigiTrace Smart End Seals (SES) and DigiTrace 700-TT Transmitters to be sent back to the NGC-30 heat-tracing controller along the heat-tracing power lines.

Tyco Thermal Controls has been successfully implementing PLI technology in its DigiTrace 200N series of controllers for years. There are active installations in all major industrial regions from Alaska to Saudi Arabia. By integrating PLI technology into the NGC-30 family of products, end users can now reap the benefits of this technology along with the NGC-30's intuitive touch screen interface.


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