New ISP-PRO Version IV Software Release

ISP-PRO version IV supports all the features of Version 3 plus the following additional features:

  • Developed and tested under the latest Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) PC Operating Systems
  • On-going support and problem fixing only in ISP-PRO Version 4 (Version 3 no longer updated)
  • Supports the newer ISPnano Series IV, ISPnano-MUX2, ISPnano-MUX2 and ISPnano-MUX8 programmers
  • Supports high-speed “broadcast” programming commands speeding up programming of multi-PCB panels
  • New ‘Mutli-PCB Panel programming mode’ where all PCBs on a panel can be programmed concurrently with a single key-press or remote application trigger
  • Optimised scanning algorithm of multiple programmers yields much faster programming times for ‘multi-PCB panel’ programming
  • Supports user ‘Display Notes’ fields to give the production operator step-by-step instructions during a programming / test sequence
  • Features more robust / reliable multi-programming channel communications drivers
  • New communications driver supports user selection of 1 or 2 STOP-bit messages to improve the reliability in multi-channel programmers systems which are operated in noisy environments
  • New ‘FLASH Test’ utility supports ‘CRC data validity check’ of each ‘Standalone Programming Project’ at the commencement of a production run
  • Supports reading from and writing to ‘Motorola S-Record’ format files
  • Supports reading only an addressed segment within an Intel Hex or ‘Motorola
  • S-Record’ file. This feature is required for programming many ARM devices where the FLASH may be memory mapped to a non-zero address.
  • Support for programming Atmel AT45DB Serial DataFLASH devices from data files or ‘Standalone Programming Projects’


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