New Generation IBN

Varitronix has recently broadened its display family by introducing the New Generation IBN(Improved Black Nematic), which improves the viewing properties and overall performance. Compared to the older generation IBN, the new IBN product effectively improves the transmission, resulting in a lower requirement of backlight brightness. The new generation IBN also minimizes the ghosting effect at oblique viewing, thus making this technology the perfect candidate for automotive and industrial device applications, which require reliable displaying image under extended temperature range.

As seen in the figures above, Varitronix has been able to produce greater optical performance on the new generation IBN in terms of wider viewing cone.

By optimizing the design and manufacturing, the new generation IBN provides better light transmission resulting in lower brightness requirement of backlight.

Key Features:
  • Wider Viewing Angles
  • Faster Response Time (up to 150ms)
  • Higher Transmittance (up to 18%)
  • Less Ghosting
  • High Contrast Ratio (up to 1, 000:1 or above)


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