New Female Headers “BL LP ***” Series - Low Profile - for THT and SMD Soldering Processes

Fischer Elektronik offers with immediate effect a new series of female headers with low profile in the grid size 2.54 mm. The item number is BL LP . These female headers are available in single and double-row designs. Processing is possible by applying the standard THT soldering process (wave soldering) and the SMT soldering processes (SMD and THR). Altogether twelve variants are available, i.e. single-row, double-row, straight, angled, SMD, (completely) tinned, selectively gold plated (contact area gold plated, soldering area tinned).

As a basis for the final finishing the complete contact is provided with a nickel plating. The manufacture of the contact springs on a supporting strip allows gold plating to be applied only in the contact area. This helps to achieve cost-savings in the amount of gold used. The soldered side will be tinned. The insulating bodies are made from plastic material that is resistant to high temperatures and suitable for SMT soldering processes. The contacts which have a stable soldering area are made from spring bronze. The insulation body is designed in a way to completely cover the contact spring and avoid inadmissible touching or “incorrect plugging”.


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