New Axial Fans - Compact and High-Performance for Commercial Vehicle Air-Conditioning

ebm-papst, the leading manufacturer of motors and fans, is again represented with innovative fan solutions for commercial vehicle air-conditioning at the 2011 APTA show in New Orleans, LA.

New GreenTech EC axial fan for commercial vehicle air-conditioning.

One highlight that ebm-papst will be presenting to the public is a new generation of powerful axial fans in a flat design.
ebm-papst's GreenTech EC technology allows the new fans to work extremely efficiently. The integrated electronics make precise and thus efficient control of the air-conditioning system possible. The user benefits from already familiar linear voltage and pulse width modulation control, and also from an optional new LIN bus control. The electronics are encapsulated in accordance with protection rating IP 6K9K and fulfill all requirements for harsh ambient temperatures such as heat, dust and extreme weather fluctuations.

The flat, compact design and the new, seven-blade fan impeller significantly improve the aerodynamic characteristics in commercial vehicle air-conditioning systems. This guarantees quiet and efficient operation.
The use of fiberglass-reinforced high-performance plastics provides for good mechanical stability of the fans and at the same time for reduced weight. This enables the vehicle payload to be increased and fuel consumption to be reduced even further.
On applications that are exposed to high ambient temperatures, the new power-derating system adjusts the power input of the fan to ensure that reliable fan operation remains guaranteed at all times. A thermal shut-down of the fan and the resulting malfunction of the air-conditioning system are thus things of the past.

Of course, the new fans are already approved in accordance with the new EMC directive ECE-R 10.


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