Molex Launches VersaBeam™ Product Family with New POD Cable Assemblies for Emerging High-Speed Data and Computer Applications

Molex Incorporated today launched VersaBeam™, a new product family focused on expanded-beam interconnects. The first product introduced under the new banner is the VersaBeam POD Cable Assemblies, which provide a low-profile, expanded-beam, 12-fiber solution specifically designed to mate with Avago Technologies’ MicroPOD* and MiniPOD* parallel optic modules. The assemblies are the first on the market to meet Telcordia GR-1435 environmental specifications required by telecommunications equipment providers. The assemblies are available in both a 1.80 mm jacketed round version, in addition to the bare ribbon-fiber versions.

The VersaBeam POD Cable Assemblies feature a unique perpendicular mating capability to provide optimum airflow and ribbon cable management as well as increase real-estate opportunities on dense printed circuit boards (PCBs). “We worked closely with Avago to develop a solution that not only meets telecom specification standards for optical-cable to optical-module mating, but also provides optimum airflow and cable management for next-generation applications in emerging high-speed data and computer markets,” said Tom Schiltz, group product manager, Molex.

The VersaBeam POD assemblies are interconnected through the Molex extensive line of front-panel and blind-mating optical backplane connectors, providing customers with the widest selection of high-density interconnects for a variety of system architecture designs. By using 24-, 48- and 72-fiber MT ferrules, VersaBeam POD assemblies can be mated to the Molex high density interconnects including HBMT, Array Connector and Circular MT connectors. With multiple Molex manufacturing sites qualified, Molex VersaBeam POD assemblies are available to meet high volume requirements needed for next generation applications.


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