Long Distance Sensing Connector Type Proximity Sensors – PRDCM Series

Long distance sensing connector type proximity sensors – Autonics PRDCM Series finally launched capable of sensing up to 25mm!

Long distance sensing connector type proximity sensor PRDCM Series makes maintenance and wiring works easier than ever. The series guarantees 1.5~2 times longer sensing distance compared to existing models. Also, it realizes world-best class superior noise resistance characteristics with dedicated IC.

Major features
  • Long sensing distance (1.5 to 2 times longer sensing distance guaranteed compared to existing models)
  • Shorten the time of maintenance
  • Improved the noise resistance with dedicated IC
  • Integrated surge protection, reverse polarity protection, overload & short protection circuit
  • Long life cycle and high reliability
  • Red LED status indication
  • Protection structure IP67(IEC standard)
  • Replaceable for micro switches and limit switches


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