Legrand | Ortronics introduces Mighty Mo GX Cabinet Series

Legrand | Ortronics, a global leader in high performance network infrastructure solutions, is proud to introduce the new Mighty Mo GX cabinet series. Mighty Mo GX cabinets provide clients with a broad offering of cost-effective, free-standing cabinets that ship from both East and West coast locations to allow quick delivery times. The GX cabinets are modular and configurable to suit the needs of any installation. The cabinets can either stand alone in a telecom room environment or be easily ganged together to support data center applications.

Mighty Mo GX cabinets leverage the best practices of infrastructure design, providing the proper support and protection needed for network or server equipment. Critical cable support and management options are available to minimize signal loss and maintain proper cable bend radius. The GX Series has ample space and a static load capacity of 3,000 lbs. to support the latest high density switching equipment or servers and offers an array of accessories to manage heat load.

The GX Series features many of Ortronic’s hallmark cable management and airflow solutions. Each cabinet can be assembled with as few or as many accessories as needed to properly support servers, active equipment and connectivity needs. The GX series is ideal for projects requiring a quick, affordable solution. The Mighty Mo GX cabinet is available in 29 different frame sizes, including two pre-configured choices and available in white or black color choices. The white cabinets help illuminate the room by reflecting more light.

Mighty Mo GX is part of Layer Zero. Layer Zero is the proposed infrastructure layer for the ISO/OSI model introduced by Legrand | Ortronics. Layer Zero - the Infrastructure Layer - addresses the critical role that the physical infrastructure plays in network performance.

Layer Zero solutions encompass the entire physical infrastructure that supports your network, including aisle containment, racks, cabinets, advanced cable management, pathway solutions, under-floor and overhead systems.


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