High Density eMMC NAND Flash Devices Supported on SuperPro7000

Xeltek is the leading provider of programmers supporting high capacity eMMC devices. Xeltek's latest flash programmer, SuperPro7000, is fast and reliable when programming high density flash devices. Initial capability includes support of eMMC NAND Flash devices with up to 256 GB memory space. Also, it programs eMMC devices up to ten times faster than the standard programmers!

Depending on the type of devices, new SuperPro 7000 module adapters can program up to four IC devices concurrently. Adapters with four sockets are developed upon customer request and available for small size chips such as serial EPROMS and MCUs. Universal and device independent socket adapters with up to 144 pins are available for various packages. All socket adapters do not require connection through DIP adapters, thus increasing the connection reliability.

Xeltek’s engineers constantly analyze end user needs to provide unique programming solutions. Xeltek’s programmers provide what majorities look for, but it also includes unique features that minorities seek.
  •     Production efficiency especially for NOR / NAND FLASH, Serial EEPROM / FLASH.
  •     Optional socket booster extends operation life and increase efficiency.
  •     Network Interface enhance sharing capability.
  •     Reliable Security features.
  •     Program devices as low as 1.2V
  •     CE, RoHS compliant
  •     ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certified


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