Fluke Networks Redefines Cost Model for Dedicated Monitoring of Wireless LANs

Fluke Networks today announced a new version of its premier WLAN security and performance monitoring solution, AirMagnet Enterprise, Version 10, which offers the industry's first Software Sensor Agent, allowing customers to use both software and hardware sensors to optimize cost, deployment and security monitoring needs.

With Fluke Networks’ new software-based option, organizations can now turn any Windows-PC into a software-based WLAN sensor. This deployment option allows network professionals to choose between standard hardware sensors, which are the core technology for monitoring WLANs, and a cost-effective software alternative for multi-site healthcare, retail and concession operations needing basic PCI or HIPAA compliance monitoring.

The new software sensor is one of several new capabilities included in AirMagnet Enterprise version 10, which also includes new performance monitoring and WLAN platform support. “Version 10’s enhancements will have a powerful impact on how wireless professionals deploy wireless networks, manage performance, and ensure security,” Terrance Boylan, owner and president of Packetlogix, a network solutions integrator.

Key to the software agent is incorporating Fluke Networks’ leading rogue detection and performance management capabilities to ensure the highest levels of security. The new version of AirMagnet Enterprise also features a new management screen that provides a consolidated view of all data and controls to simplify investigation and containment of rogue devices.

“Given the explosion of Wi-Fi devices, and emerging security threats and compliance needs, our WLAN network customers are under unbelievable pressure to ensure performance and provide the highest level of security to both protect data and comply with standards,” said Chia-Chee Kuan, vice president of the Fluke Networks WLAN business unit. “AirMagnet Enterprise 10 is focused squarely on tackling these issues with new technologies that take WLAN performance monitoring and security coverage to the next level.”

In addition to the software agent, Version 10 also features the market’s first Automated Health Check (AHC) capability for proactively monitoring WLAN network health from the end-user device all the way to the cloud. Network professionals can now pinpoint root cause issues, such as wireless authentication failures, download speed degradation and application system outages, before they impact the organization.

“The automated health check feature not only finds problems before they impact users, but also allows the customer to ensure that the network is working correctly for its entire user base – from the desktop to the cloud – and fix problems before users are even aware there is an issue. That level of functionality is unprecedented and not available in any other tool on the market,” Boylan said.

Lastly, AirMagnet Enterprise also now includes support for customers using equipment from Meru Networks. With this supports, customers can obtain full analysis of Meru Networks-based WLANs, enabling detailed monitoring down to the client device.


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