Fairchild Semiconductor's Stereo Class-G Headphone, Mono Filterless Class-D Speaker Amplifier: Making Small Speakers Sound Louder and Better™

Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE:FCS) developed the FAB2210 audio subsystem with integrated Class-G headphone amplifier and Class-D speaker amplifier to help designers of mobile devices, such as smart phones and portable media players.

The FAB2210 combines a Class-G stereo cap-free headphone amplifier with a mono filterless Class-D speaker amplifier into one IC package, for excellent audio quality and low power dissipation resulting in extended battery runtime. The device features noise gate technology, which automatically mutes the speaker or headphone amplifiers to reduce noise when input signals are low, as well as automatic gain control (AGC) to improve sound quality and increase speaker protection.

Features and Benefits:
  • Cap-free outputs for reduced bill of material (BOM) and enhanced frequency response
  • Low noise 105dB signal to noise ratio (SNR)
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) for maximum output volume while minimizing clipping
  • Current limit and thermal protection
  • Selectable single-ended or differential audio inputs for high common mode rejection
  • Configurable using I2C control
  • Suitable for use in mobile handsets / smart phones, portable media players (PMP), portable GPS and  gaming devices, digital voice recorders
Fairchild is a mobile technology leader, offering a substantial portfolio of analog and power IP that can be customized to meet specific design requirements. By integrating leading circuit technologies into tiny, advanced packages, Fairchild provides mobile users significant advantages while reducing the size, cost and power of designs. Fairchild’s mobile IP can be found in a majority of handsets in use today.


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