Excelitas Technologies’ Informant™ Nano Recorder Achieves High-Impact Shock Testing Performance Milestone

Excelitas Technologies, a global provider of innovative, customized optoelectronics to OEMs seeking high-performance technology solutions, today announced that its Informant™ Nano Recorder, a small, rugged data recorder for harsh environments, has achieved a significant performance milestone, the successful completion of the high-impact shock testing that qualifies the device for future use in harsh environment testing of electronic systems. The Informant Nano Recorder demonstrated survivability during 75 kg impact shock testing and remained fully functional. 75 kg is the force-equivalent of hitting a brick wall during air gun, sled, crash, and tactical missile testing.

Smaller than the size of a postage stamp, the Informant can be used for embedded monitoring, diagnostics and failure analysis of electronic devices. The rugged Informant can survive and “live to tell the story afterwards,” acting as a “black box” in the event that a system fails a qualification test. System engineers will now immediately be able to download data from the Informant to determine what went wrong, substantially reducing the time and costs of failure analysis during destructive, high-impact testing.

The Informant employs non-volatile memory to record across 22 channels – 16 channels of digital data and six channels of analog data. The Informant has the capability to record up to 500 samples even after the power input has been disconnected. In the event of a power loss, it will begin recording where it left off, within three miliseconds of regaining power.

“The Excelitas team is very excited about achieving this critical high-impact shock testing milestone for its Informant Nano Recorder, paving the way for incorporation into future electronic devices” says Doug Benner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Electronic Systems, Excelitas Technologies. “Designed to overcome the challenges of harsh, high-shock and high-vibration environments, we believe the Informant offers customers excellent potential for integration across a variety of industrial, commercial and military electronic systems including Electronic Safe Arm and Fire Modules (ESAFs) and Ignition Safety Devices (ISDs),” Mr. Benner added.


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