Entry Level Leak Alert For Tank Farms

Tyco Thermal Controls, a part of Tyco International and a global leak detection solutions leader has received Factory Mutual Class I, Division1 / Zone 0 /Ex ia approval for its TT-Flasher visual alarm and now includes it as a low-cost entry level system for tank farms in its portfolio of TraceTek fuel leak detection systems for hazardous areas. This flashing fuel spill alert meets the need of operators who conduct regular on-site inspections at their facilities and for whom a visual alert is considered sufficient to gain quick attention.

Following a number of highly publicised incidents of fuel spills and leaks at tank farms, operators have been under pressure from regulatory bodies to install effective and safe measures to identify fuel escapes before they can endanger safety or the environment. TT-Flasher can be linked to TraceTek leak detection cable and fast acting fuel sensor probes to provide first level alarm compliance or as a temporary alerting solution while enhanced systems for leak detection, location, monitoring and alarms are being specified for permanent installation.

Quick and inexpensive to install, the intrinsically safe, battery operated TT-Flasher activates when a leak is detected and emits a low energy warning signal designed to attract attention during walk/or drive-thru inspections. It draws less current than the self-discharge rate of the batteries, which have a two year life span. When the Flasher alert is triggered by a leak or a low battery alarm it will continue to flash for at least 30 days unless turned off.

For over 20 years, TraceTek systems have been at the forefront of  leak detection technology, and the ‘no-frills’ TT-Flasher joins the hazardous area system portfolio very much at the entry level. More advanced TraceTek systems encompass some of the petrochemical industry’s most advanced and effective fuel leak detecting, locating, monitoring and alerting systems. These range from stand alone systems through to fully integrated, automatic remote monitoring and warning installations and TraceTek systems are widely employed at bulk fuel storage and transfer facilities around the world, including military bases, petrochemical plants, civil airports etc.


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