Engine and Transparency Systems Support the Focus for GKN Aerospace at MRO Americas, 2012

The GKN Aerospace transparencies and aero-engine aftermarket operations will be the focus of the company’s display on booth 1247 at MRO Americas, 3rd – 5th April in Dallas.

On the exhibit will be GKN Aerospace’s full suite of Airbus A320 transparencies with examples of those the company supplies for every Boeing aircraft. Alongside these, visitors will be able to examine an electro-thermal ice protection panel similar to those fitted to the B-787 and an exhibit illustrating the company’s global engine fan blade repair service - which is currently provided to over 180 airlines and overhaul shops worldwide.

Representatives from GKN Aerospace will also be discussing recent research and development activities that are exploring composite structure damage detection and repair. An on-going development programme with SLCR of Germany is entering its second phase of activity. This programme is developing a laser-based process for the removal of damaged composite fibre. At the same time, an exploration of potential coatings - using expertise drawn from GKN Aerospace’s transparencies business – is working towards creating composite structures that indicate, in the ultra-violet visual spectrum, when they have been impacted.

Mike McCann, Senior VP Business Development and Strategy at GKN Aerospace comments: “Our total business activity that has doubled in size over the last 5 years and our aftermarket operation has been a consistently successful element of the business. Looking forward, as the number of operating aircraft increases and as an industry we change the way we build aircraft, it is vital we also develop and prove effective MRO processes that continue to improve and streamline repair procedures and reduce downtime.”


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