Electri-Flex Introduces Type FSC Unjacketed Flexible Steel Conduit for Non-UL Applications

Electri-Flex introduces Type FSC to its line of unjacketed flexible steel conduits. Type FSC is intended as a metal raceway for wires and cable where UL Listing is not required. It is formed from a corrosion resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel strip. Its profile and helical shape allow it to withstand substantial impact and crushing forces. Type FSC is available in sizes 3/8" through 4" and is suitable for use with connectors intended for “FMC” (Flexible Metal Conduit).

Electri-Flex’s line of unjacketed flexible steel conduits carry high impact and crush strength, make tight bends, are non-combustible and are ideal for high temperature applications. Type FSC compliments this line by offering a non-UL alternative to other UL and CSA approved products, such as Type BR and ABR.

Electri-Flex’s Liquatite® product line includes more than 30 types of liquidtight flexible electrical conduit including high-low temperature, halogen-free/low-smoke, EMI/RFI shielding, flame-retardant and many others. Electri-Flex also provides design expertise and prototyping assistance and can create cost-effective, custom solutions for the toughest electrical conduit requirements.


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