Eco-Friendly Inductive Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi is excited to launch the next generation of our inductive proximity sensors, which include many design advancements that will open doors to new applications. The ICB Series are state of the art sensors with increased performance compared to standard inductive technology.

An all-new microprocessor provides greater reliability and repeatability. It also provides the opportunity for greater customization options, such as programmable outputs and programmable switching frequencies.

The ICB Series eliminates traditional ferrites/coils, and the associated problems they face (negative influences from EMC noise and prone to cracks/breaks) and replaces them with an innovative solution – an air core sensing coil. This new coil has higher immunity to magnetic fields and a higher resistance to vibration and impact. This results in the ICB Series being an inherently more rugged and robust solution!

Another key innovation is the product’s environmentally friendly potting material. Made from recycled corn by-product, this new potting material features a higher resistance to mechanical stress, which increases the reliability and stability of the sensor, and thus contributes to a longer lifetime.

Key options available in the ICB Series include:
  • Standard and extended (2x) sensing ranges
  • Flush and non-flush options
  • Short and long housings
  • Nickel-plated brass housings
  • Pre-wired cable (2m) and quick connect plug (M12) connection options
  • NPN, PNP, Normally Open, Normally Closes output options
  • Two LED indications for output status - easily viewable as they are 180° apart
The ICB Series will be launched in a few phases, and replace older families in the process. The first phase will be the very popular M12 housing size, which we are launching this month. Future phases will include M8, M18, and M30 sizes. A complete cross reference from the now discontinued sensors to their replacements can be found via the links below. Despite the numerous enhancements in the design of the product, the price remains comparable to the older design.

The ICB Series is cURus, CSA and CE approved, and is covered by our standard 10 year warranty on inductive proximity sensors. They are available from our vast network of North American sales offices and authorized distributors.


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