Durable Cable Transducer Offers Simple, Adaptable Installation

BEI Industrial Encoders’ new linear cable transducer provides digital position and speed feedback information in a rugged, easy-to-install package. Model LT25 cable transducer utilizes a flexible measuring cable mounted to an internal spring-loaded spool and quadrature encoder output to precisely measure linear motion applications.  The sturdy cable is made of nylon coated stainless steel for ultimate strength and has a measurement range up to 125 inches.

Easy to install, simply connect the LT25 cable to your moving equipment and secure the base to a fixed object. Hard to reach areas or worries about shaft misalignment are now not a problem. The LT25 cable transducer allows for easy reorientation of the mounting bracket or encoder connector position, giving users added adaptability to their installation.

With an IP66 rating, the LT25 is a perfect solution for a variety of industrial measurement challenges including wet, dirty, or outdoor environments or applications where your measuring range travels over a harsh environment.

Cable transducers are also referred to as cable extension transducers, string encoders, or string potentiometers.


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