Deutsch Connect More Closely with Servo Interconnect

Autosport customers are set to benefit from improved turnaround times for Deutsch AS connectors thanks to a new 24-hour assembly area at Servo Interconnect. The facility, now co-located with the Deutsch headquarters in Hastings, England, will provide a more focused service for teams and harness houses during the busy winter development period and forward into next season.

Paul Webb, Autosport Sales and Marketing Manager, is delighted with the development: "As one of our official distributors, we work very closely with Servo Interconnect, and they have always offered a great service to their customers. By bringing their assembly operation in-house means they can now take advantage of our Kanban systems and higher levels of component stock across the range. Therefore, we are much better able to respond to customers’ needs during busy periods. Also, because the component parts of the AS range are manufactured in Hastings, we can react to market and design changes in the shortest possible time," Webb adds.

The Servo Interconnect 24-hour operation will initially concentrate on the assembly of the popular Deutsch AS Standard range of connectors. These are medium and high density circular connectors designed to meet the stringent requirements of the autosport industry - high performance, reliability, low weight and space saving. Servo Interconnect will review the build process after this winter period and according to team’s demand refine the service during 2012.


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