Current Transfomers with UL and CSA Approval

Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce the launch of the CTD Series, a new range of solid and split core current transformers that provide both innovation and functionality.

The CTD Series has been developed to provide the market with an application-oriented range of current transformers, which are easily installed, thus providing optimum safety and flexibility. They are connectable with all types of wiring terminals and can be installed on DIN-rail or directly to the back panel, therefore giving the possibility of bridging the secondary without changing the connections, thus avoiding dangerous over-voltages.

Split core transformers simplify installation by not requiring disconnection of the wire or busbar connection, whereas the CTD Series solid core transformers offer more precision and a more economical price. Furthermore their size allows their use where limited space is available amongst bus-bars, in applications such as those found within Motor Control Centres (MCCs) or Power Control Centres (PCCs).

Some of the key features include:
  • Solid and split core types in 12 frame sizes
  • Types for cable, horizontal and vertical busbar mounting
  • Primary currents up to 2,000A AC
  • Secondary currents of 1A or 5A AC
  • Sealable terminal block covers
  • 2 to 10 bus-bar isolating fixing screws
  • DIN-rail mounting holder and removable panel fixing clips
  • Double screw terminals (up to 8 wiring connections)
  • UL recognized and CSA approved


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