Connector Type Digital Pressure Sensors - PSAN Series

The fluid type PSAN series realizing small size and 1/2,000 high resolution is newly introduced to cover more diverse user applications - not only to cover gas pressure but fluid pressure environments, as well. It enables to provide various functions including auto shift function that makes stable output possible regardless of initial pressure change. Furthermore, it is high performance pressure sensor realizing Max. 2.5ms high speed response, 2 independent output function and Normal Open/Normal Close output selection function.

Major features
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications of gas, liquid, and oil. (Except for SUS316L corrosive environment)
  • Enhanced environmental resistance with diaphragm
  • 1/2,000 high resolution for indication
  • Hold/Auto shift input function
  • Hold function : A function to hold PV and Control output while input signal is provided
  • Auto shift function : A function to compensate the judgment level by the amount that the reference pressure is changed using external input signal if the reference pressure of the device changes
  • 2 independent outputs and NO/NC output selectable
  • Forced-output mode embodied for easy operation test and monitoring
  • One-touch connector type for easy maintenance
  • Analog output (1/2,000 resolution, voltage : 1-5V, current : 4-20mA)
  • Zero-point adjustment function, peak monitoring function, and chattering prevention function


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