Alpha Wire adds CSA Tray Cable Rating to Series F, P, SF Cables

Alpha Wire has added the Canadian tray cable rating c(UL) TC/CIC to its line of Industrial Series F, Series P, and Series SF cables. Per the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), this rating is required when installing cables into tray applications.

Cable systems that use tray cables have significant advantages over systems that use pipes or conduits.  Not only is it less expensive to use tray cables, it is also very useful for situations where wiring changes are common, as the new cable can simply be installed in the tray instead of having to pull it through a conduit.

This new cable rating will apply to the following cables from Alpha Wire:

  • Industrial Series F: Series F cables are our most flexible and robust control cables – providing reliable flexing day in and day out. Designed for a variety of flexing styles, they have been tested to exceed over 20 million rolling flex cycles, making them ideal for both single-axis and multi-axis motion control and robotic applications where continuous flexing is required.
  • Industrial Series P: Series P cables combine exceptional oil and chemical resistance with a specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer jacket for additional flexibility. This flexibility makes it easier to install and route the cable in tight spaces.
  • Industrial Series SF: Series SF power servo cables bring a new level of flexibility to the integration and monitoring of servo drives. Designed specifically for connecting power between the supply and servo motors, drives, and controllers, Series SF cables feature a flexible TPE jacket and PVC/nylon insulation, making them suitable for flexing applications that require continuous movement.


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