Absolute Encoders Go Wireless with SwiftComm™

BEI Industrial Encoders introduces the SwiftComm Wireless Interface for SSI absolute encoders. No need to incur the expense and maintenance of long cable runs- go wireless! Using SSI communications protocol at the transmitter and receiver end, users can connect the wireless receiver directly into the SSI port in the controller, just like a conventional wired system. The interface works with any SSI position device; single or mulit-turn encoders, linear scales, magnetostrictive devices or any other SSI sensor.

A robust and secure wireless interface, SwiftComm has the built-in reliability needed for real-time industrial control. Able to interface with any SSI absolute or incremental sensor, SwiftComm allows critical position and speed feedback data to be seamlessly sent to control systems without expensive cabling. The SwiftComm system includes the transmitter-receiver pair, which communicates using a point-to-point frequency-hopping 2.4GHz RF protocol. SwiftComm is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications where cable runs are expensive to install and maintain.


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