5'' Capacitive Type Touch Panel

Leveraging its technical strengths, Varitronix has released a new 5-inch capacitive touch panel that addresses our goal of providing the total display solution. The integration of a projected capacitive touch panel into our product portfolio complements the product offering to meet a wider range of needs from the diverse nature of our customers business.

The capacitive touch panel easily detects the light movements of finger or capacitive stylus across the surface and supports multi-touch with a maximum of 10 points.

The device can be operated by medical glove or normal glove, and even under wet surface. Other features including fast response, high transparency, wide operating temperature (-30°C to +85°C) together with robust interface make the panel ideal to be applied in automotive and industrial sectors besides handheld devices and mobile applications.

This product is available integrated with Varitronix’s various display solutions as per customers’ requirements.

Comparison between Capacitive Touch Panel and Resistive Touch Panel
Capacitive Touch Panel Resistive Touch Panel
Touch (no pressure needed) Press (pressure activated)
No calibration required Calibration required (resistance drift on film)
Better Durability, No significant aging Display turns white when aging
Handles high temperature Film breaks down at high temperature
Better Transparency, less optical power needed Low transmission
Can be vandal-proof (thick glass/plastic) Easily damaged (thin top layer)
Scratch Resistant (with glass) Prone to scratch without hardcoat
Stylus not a must Need stylus, easy to lose


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