Yokogawa Releases ISA100.11a-based YTMX580 Multi-input Temperature Transmitter

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release the YTMX580 multi-input temperature transmitter to the market on September 2. The YTMX580 is based on the ISA100.11a industrial automation wireless communication standard and features an industry-leading eight analog input channels*1.

A temperature transmitter accepts input from a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple or a resistance temperature detector (RTD) and converts this to an electric signal for transmission to a monitoring and control system. One application of temperature transmitters is temperature profiling, which involves the use of several internally mounted temperature sensors to precisely grasp the temperature distribution inside a plant's reactor, tank, or boiler. In the process automation field, a single temperature transmitter is usually installed for each measurement point. Hence, with a high-density temperature measurement application such as temperature profiling, a large number of single-channel temperature transmitters is required. By using a temperature transmitter that supports multiple input channels, our customers will not have to use as many transmitters, thereby reducing their initial installation costs and improving maintenance efficiency.

Conventional transmitters typically output a 4-20 mA electric signal. The latest transmitters rely on digital communications, which enables a single transmitter to output a great quantity of information, including data on device status. This is the essence of Yokogawa's field digital technology. The use of secure wireless technology allows our customers to easily increase the number of measurement points without having to worry about time consuming and difficult wiring. The use of wireless communications also means that transmitters can easily be installed in locations that are physically difficult to wire or that previously were economically unfeasible. These are the benefits of a Yokogawa field wireless solution.

Based on the field wireless concept, Yokogawa is releasing the YTMX580 to bring users the benefits of secure wireless instrumentation, which include the reduction of the overall cost of implementing a high-density temperature measurement application.


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