Delcam Supplies Complete Inspection Solution for Automotive Supplier

Delcam’s Australian Sales Partner, Camplex, has been able to supply a complete inspection solution to Metalsa, a leading supplier of automotive components in the country.  The system comprises Delcam’s PowerSHAPE CAD software for data translation and repair, the company’s PowerINSPECT software for inspection and a Baces3D portable measuring arm.

Metalsa is a global manufacturer of chassis, suspension and body structures for both cars and commercial vehicles, with the philosophy "Quality as a way of life.”  Originally founded in Mexico, the company now also manufactures in North and South America, Germany and India, as well as in Australia.

The Australian manufacturing plant is located on a large industrial site in Cheltenham, near Melbourne.  It supplies local car manufacturers, including Toyota, GM-Holden and Ford.  For example, the company makes and supplies more than 60 components for the Toyota Camry, including under-body and body-shell components.  Each component design must pass from Toyota’s design system to the Metalsa data system before manufacturing, prototyping and verification can begin.

Robert Nastasi, Metalsa’s quality engineer, has been part of the process of providing these car companies with quality parts since 1998.  Toyota, in particular, is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality standards and processes, and it is Mr. Nastasi’s job to ensure that Metalsa meets those standards without fail.

Mr. Nastasi has been using PowerINSPECT and PowerSHAPE for seven years and finds the tools very flexible, allowing him to work with the different data formats that the car manufacturers use.

Trialling of parts is done at various stages with targets to be met at every stage.  As a component passes through these stages it must be accurate enough to meet Toyota’s exacting standards.  The last stage is trial fitment by Toyota to a car.  If the part meets Toyota’s parameters, it moves into the manufacturing phase at Metalsa.

The increased demand for inspecting parts and tools many times in multiple places within the manufacturing chain requires a software program that can be used on a variety of different inspection hardware platforms, including manual CMMs, CNC CMMs, inspection arms and optical equipment.

PowerINSPECT is Metalsa’s first choice because it delivers a complete CAD-based inspection solution.  It surpasses traditional 2D inspection methods by offering the capability to inspect against all CAD data.  With its on-screen feedback and detailed graphical displays, Mr. Nastasi can gain immediate feedback for each measured point and inspection reports can be generated automatically in a customised format.


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