Switchtec’s Counter Timers are Small and Smart

Fulfilling the demands of industry for cost effective, workhorse, versatile timers, the Anly H7E from specialist distributor Switchtec offers users valuable monitoring facilities in control panels and other equipments where lapsed time or events have to recorded.

The H7E is available as two variants to cover specific tasks. The H7E-C is an 8-digit totalising counter, and the H7E-T is a 7-digit timer counter. The H7E-C has the option for standard (30Hz nominal) counting, and using a built in DIP switch can be converted to high speed 1kHz counting. It can count up to 999,999,999.

The H7E-T hours run counter display can be switched between hours and minutes or hours, minutes and seconds, again via the built in DIP switch. It can count up to 9999h 59.9m or 999h 59m 59s.

For simplicity and speed of fitting and deployment, both units are powered from an internal 3V DC battery that in the case of the H7E-C has a very long life of seven years, increasing to 10 years for the H7E-T. The battery is very easy to change, and a pull out tab ensures the battery is not being drained during pre fitment storage. An optional 24V AC/DC can be supplied to the timers if a backlit facility is required in a poorly lit application.

Both versions of the H7E counters feature a very compact design, measuring just 47.9x34x54.5mm and mount into a panel cut out of just 44.7x22.2mm. Similarly, both versions have built in reset facilities. This reset can be effected either at the front of the panel or remotely using the terminals at the back of the counter. The front reset can be disabled using the selector switch on the counter, thus preventing false resets.

When mounted in a panel, a rubber sealing gasket ensures that an IP65 degree of protection is achieved. A maximum relative operating humidity of 85% is specified for the timers.

Aimed at panel builders, equipment manufacturers, H&V companies and OEMs these Anly timers from Switchtec are versatile and cost effective. The timers are available ex stock from Switchtec, and its experienced field sales and office based technical staff are able to provide both pre and post sales product support.


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