Zaber Releases New Low and High Vacuum Stages and Actuators

  • Only a 5 pin feed-through is required to operate multiple Zaber positioners in a vacuum chamber. *See below for more details.
  • The high-vacuum units are vacuum rated to 10^-6 torr. All components are chosen for low out-gassing and low CVCM.
  • The low-vacuum units are vacuum rated to 10^-3 torr and use vacuum compatible greases and epoxies. All have non-anodized components.
  • You can easily make Zaber's devices do a complicated series of moves with our free software.
  • You don't need to worry about finding the right accessories. With the kit version, you get a power supply, data cables, and a serial adapter. The only other thing that you may need is a T-USB , which converts a USB port into an RS 232 serial port.
  • Installation is easy as 1-2-3: Connect the device to your computer; connect the power supply to your device; send instructions to your device from the computer.
Reduce Wiring/Feedthroughs by daisy-chaining devices with built-in controllers inside the vacuum chamber: Two or more devices can be daisy-chained inside a vacuum chamber, eliminating the need for extra feedthroughs. Just solder the signal wires directly from one device to the next in the chain. In addition, you can transmit power though data cables: Power to vacuum devices is transmitted through the data cables, eliminating the need for extra feedthroughs. A Zaber T-DSUB9-P (included with kits) is used to splice the power into the data cable - it is connected to the data cable outside the vacuum chamber.


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