Announcing a New and Innovative HMI Software. JMobile More Productivity More Value

Exor announced his new HMI software suite JMobile. A new innovative HMI software platform, flexible, powerful and intuitive.

It’s a suite of software components that provides solutions for connecting equipment and visualizing data. JMobile is a software suite designed to offer a complete HMI solution. Thanks to its client server architecture it is possible to create a seamless data transfers from field level up to system management layers. Centralized collected data can be shared through advanced communication interfaces based on web technologies.

JMobile provides remote access to equipments. Performant native Clients and flexible web access modules are available to ensure the best possible remote connectivity experience, even from mobile device systems just with a simple browser interface.

JMobile stands for HMI visualization and control across desktop and embedded platforms. Designed to be a multiplatform HMI software it is supporting various runtime target systems as HMI’s, PC and mobile devices. Exor provides with the new eTOP400 and eTOP500 series a wide range of touchscreen panels with display sizes from 4.3” to 15” for the HMI runtime version.

JMobile applications are easily and quickly configured using JMobile Studio, powerful IDE with a graphical drag & drop interface. A rich set of more that 1000 symbols, icons is included in the Studio; Widgets, dynamic objects and advanced function, as rotating menus and RSS feed reader, allows users to create applications for various market fields. The full vector graphic object library, created using SVG standards, allows users to resize applications without loosing quality of visualization. Page templates and project skins, as known from cell phones applications, reduces the time for project creation.

Through simulation mode is it possible to review the project off-line without the need to download it to the target device. Typical HMI and SCADA functions as trends, recipies, data storage , alarm management, user management, scheduler, multilanguage switching are completing the solution.

HMI applications can be automated and completed in functionality by using the powerful scripting language included.

JMobile provides the option to integrate the powerful CoDeSys controller, as well the complete set of communication drivers to connect to external CoDeSys based devices. With the JMobile software suite Exor release the HMIStudio for project engineering. Further clients versions also for 3rd party hardware in following releases will increase the range of possible solutions.


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