Yokogawa Releases DTSX200 Distributed Temperature Sensor

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that the DTSX200 distributed temperature sensor will be released to the global market on October 19 and the Japan market in April 2012. The DTSX200 is used in production operations to monitor temperature changes in underground oil sand and oil shale formations and the like.

With the DTSX200, Yokogawa has for the first time ever developed a product for a control application that uses the optical measurement technologies it has acquired over the years in the measurement field. This product can be used in desert locations and other harsh environments, and helps improve production efficiency by working together with production control systems.

Yokogawa is the first production control system manufacturer to develop such a distributed temperature sensor for use at natural resource production sites. The DTSX200 is already being evaluated for use in oil resource development applications by some of our customers, and on-site testing is planned. With the development of the DTSX200 distributed temperature sensor, Yokogawa is able to offer an even more comprehensive set of solutions ranging from temperature monitoring to production control that help production sites improve the efficiency of their operations.


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