A Tailored Application for Proportional Technology: Industrial Pneumatic Manipulators

In most of the industrial fields you find manual manipulators to move loads. The reasons for the increasing use of industrial manipulators is the ease of use without complicating programming procedures and the ergonomic handling which protects from dangerous injuries of hands and back. This type of industrial manipulator permits companies to increase the productivity and to fulfill C.E. 269/90 regulations regarding the manual industrial manipulation of loads.

Their exist different types of mechanic principals for the manipulation of loads.
A core subject for this application is the fact to be able to move loads without weight impact and in total security. The presented manipulator in the photo is a balancer with arms in version for manual use.

The ergonomic handhold does not request any function control through buttons. The weight of the load is detected by an electronic scale and the servo pneumatic control circuit transforms the load in a state of weightlessness and make the handling easier for the worker.

The arm is actuated through a pneumatic cylinder. The heart of the pneumatic circuit is a Camozzi series LRP servovalve with integrated pressure control. A force sensor is transmitting the measured value to the electronic control circuit regulating the pressure of the pneumatic cylinder. The whole system is working in a closed loop control.

The precision and dynamism of the pressure control is guaranteed by the use of a Camozzi series LRP servovalve. This type of valve allows to achieve response times from 0 to 100% of  5 ms and ensures a performance of control at highest level. The technology with continuous and dynamic pressure control ensures to obtain also with alternating load a real state of weightlessness. – There’s precision in the air.


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