Real-time Quality Assurance in Production

Tracking critical control parameters is key to understanding the fundamental causes of process upsets and delivering a more robust process. ReactIR™ 247 provides real-time information to ensure process consistency and batch repeatability while eliminating failures at the manufacturing scale.

Scale-up and manufacturing is focused on ensuring processes are capable of repeatedly delivering higher yields with lower costs and shorter cycle times. ReactIR™ 247 is an ideal tool for the production environment, providing non-destructive, rapid and quantitative chemical analysis of key reaction components in the reactor. It supports the development of safe, robust processes designed to deliver a quality product and remain commercially viable. The instrument provides important information, such as reaction initiation/endpoint, reaction progression, intermediate formation, concentration and yield and conversion that can be used to develop critical process control parameters.

To further guarantee quality assurance, iC Process™ software was specifically designed to enable the transfer of Critical Control Parameters (CPP) determined in the laboratory to the production environment. It provides a unique, simple user interface that gives operators an immediate visual understanding of reaction progress and any process upsets that may occur. iC Process™ supports industry standard communication protocols for interfacing with Distributed Control Systems (DCS).


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