Phoenix Contact Expands Range of Push-in Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact has expanded its range of push-in terminal blocks. With the addition of 1.5 mm2 and 4 mm2 variants, the line now allows fast and easy termination of ferruled or stranded wire from 24 to 10 AWG.

Compared with other spring-technology products, the push-in terminal line reduces insertion forces by 50 percent. The leg-spring design increases termination speed and reduces operator fatigue. The modular push-in terminal blocks have 250 newtons of pullout force (five times the IEC requirement), making them ideal for high-vibration applications.

This system can also be used with stranded wire using an orange actuation button. The button’s shorter operating stroke connects 35 percent faster than spring technology and does not require special tools. The termination area and the touch-proof orange activation button are clearly identified.

Like the original 2.5 mm2 version, the two new sizes are available in single, twin, Quattro, and double-level feed through as well as function blocks.


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