‘Open Hardware Concept’ based on the proven VF series

To combine experience, quality and the unlimited freedom to implement your personal expertise directly in the camera in the form of algorithms – that’s the aim of the new ‘Open Hardware Concept' from FRAMOS.

In contrast to existing camera families, which are primarily aimed at standardisation, the new ‘Open Hardware Concept’ from Pullach is engineered for maximum individualisation. “We have expanded our proven VF family with the ‘Open Hardware Concept’,” says Jens Kellermann, Senior Project Manager at FRAMOS GmbH, “because we are convinced that maximum application quality and efficiency result from the immediate availability of the customer’s know-how in the camera.”

While FPGAs have so far performed functions such as sensor parameterisation and interfacing, the expansion of the VF platform with the optional processing board now makes it possible for the user to carry out extensive image processing in near real time, directly on the camera.

The basis of the platform is a Xilinx Spartan 6 (LX45T) FPGA with 128MB DDR2 memory. Both are delivered in an unprogrammed condition, and can be used by the customer as required and programmed via JTAG or SDK (camera interface).

Unlimited development of the FPGA design can take place in the proven development environments made available by the FPGA manufacturer Xilinx.

An optional adapter is available for designs that require the use of a development board from Xilinx. The standardised interfaces makes it possible to connect all board variants of the VFx platform with the development board from Xilinx.


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