Manufactured in the UK and USA High or Low Volume

Intelliconnect, the specialist manufacturer of RF connectors announces the availability of its cable assembly service. This high quality, locally manufactured, bespoke service is available for both high-volume or specialist small batch requirements.

Using their own UK/US manufactured high quality RF connectors, all types of cable assemblies are undertaken from wiring loom assemblies to high performance low loss cables operating up to 60GHz. Coaxial, triaxial and multi-way connectors may be specified and fully immersible waterproof versions are available. All Intelliconnect cable assemblies are 100% electrically tested before despatch. In addition phase matching is available where required to ensure signal integrity in individual, or batches of, assemblies.

Roy Phillips, Managing Director of Intelliconnect, comments;”We manufacture an extensive range of high reliability RF connectors for industrial and medical applications and it is a logical extension of our service to offer our customers a custom cable assembly service. As the manufacturer of the connectors we can assure customers of our cable assemblies that all connections and sealing is properly carried out to their exact requirements and deliver a single, tested, assembly to fit straight into their application.”

In addition to custom cable assemblies Intelliconnect manufactures a wide range of standard and custom RF connectors and components, including waterproof and fast turnaround custom designs which are undertaken without NRE charges to their customers. Intelliconnect also manufacture a large range of coaxial adapters to facilitate inter-series connection and gender change etc.  Typical applications include MIL and aerospace, marine, oil and gas, medical and general microwave markets.


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